Ductually Crossible Flassionallion

for violin + sine tones


sine tones


Ductually Crossible Flassionallion is a 36-hour piece for sine tones and violin.

The sine tones, which are dense and rich in harmonics, have a macroscopic cyclic structure, and the violin plays loops of just intervals whose harmonics complexly interact with the sine tones.

DCF was originally written for Erik Carlson's Slow SD festival, and can be excerpted for any duration over 15 minutes.

The second and third lines show the difference tones and secondary DTs. You can explore both the individual dyads and the intervals between adjacent ones.

The piece cycles through the first loop only (m. 1-49).

The spreadsheet shows the timecodes of the start of each measure. You can plan out starting and stopping points for the violin part, or decide more spontaneously.

The timecode indicates the time at which the corresponding chord starts fading in, peaking halfway through the measure. There are 3 different lengths of measures: 25.7 sec, 77.1 sec, 128.6, and 385.7, corresponding to 1, 3, 5, and 15 times the unit duration of 25.7 sec.

Think of a given measure as having two phases: the transition between the previous dyad in and the new one, in which you alternate between the two dyads at various speeds, and then settle into the new dyad held for the second phase of the measure.